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hey there everyone! so we have all heard the drama...and that makes me wonder. what do you ladies think of the brett favre mess? especially the quarterback competition.
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he's getting worse than cher.
Living in Milwaukee, this is all we hear about here. They even interrupted my Colts last night to show us that he was landing in Green Bay. It's ridiculous.
Personally, I think he should have stayed retired. He has only succeeded in making both himself and the Packers organization look really bad.
It's not just in Wisconsin. We hear about it all the time too in NJ. I think the feed of the plane landing during the Colts game was shown everywhere too.

I'm in total agreement. He should have stayed retired. If he was that unsure at the time he did retire just pull a Michael Strahan and keep saying you don't know what you're going to do and then decide a week before the season begins. At least that way while you are still screwing over your team a little bit there is more of a chance your whole organization will support you when you don't retire rather than trying to fight your way back in after they've moved forward based on your choice to retire.

I just want it all to end so we can hear about other NFL happenings.
completely agree! and as much of a packer fan as i am i really just want this to be over. there are other teams that i am curious about but thanks to hurrican brett i'm not getting any other news. he's flooding the sports world with too much drama. and now what happens when he REALLY retires?! is he going to expect some awesome send off after he pulls this?
His next retirement better be a quiet affair, but knowing the media I'm sure it won't be.

I guess the Packers won't be having the jersey retirement ceremony in the first MNF game this year either like was planned.
i'm not sure what they're going to do about that now. i heard on sportcenter when the whole viking thing was going on that they were obligated to go through with the retirement of his jersey because they filed to have it done *shrugs*. i guess they can't retire it if he's still going to be in it. but that announcement was made when he was for sure wanting to come back.

oh man i think it's going to be even more of a circus than this is now. sad to think that. he could have had such a good send off and everything. i feel bad for the team. what a mess!
I agree with you. Except for the fact that I don't live in Milwaukee but I am getting tired of hearing about this and his over inflated ego.
I'm a huge Brett Favre fan, but what he's doing, coming back and making all this fuss has really pissed me off and completely changed my opinion of him. Why can't he just retire and stay retired? Does he think that they're gonna win the Super Bowl this season or something, because hey Brett, I've got news for you, you're not! And that's coming from a huge Packers fan. Last season was one of the Packers' best seasons in a while, that should have been his last season, ending his career on a good note because what if they completely suck this year? Does he want his last season to be a bad one, or will he come back again the following season? I could go on all day about this...
i couldn't have said it better! :)

i LOVE favre but this whole mess just kills me. to top it off i'm from chicago (i know, i know...:P) and this is just fodder for my family to call me every day and laugh. i think they're about to start sending me bears merch.

i'm looking forward to the press conference though. we'll see how that goes.

and i agree with the super bowl comment too! i mean as much as i love my man how many years can he really play? he's causing all this drama for maybe two or three years?! he better hope he kicks some serious ass this season or it's just going to drag on even longer :(
I'm sick of hearing about it. He should've just stayed retired or been more open-minded about a trade. What I really don't like about it is that Favre only appears to be concerned with himself. He's been really critical of Coach McCarthy and his teammates, acting as though there's nothing he could have done wrong. I can't imagine the Pack would actually want him to play for them after what he's done.

I also think those who think he's going to the Vikings are completely nuts. There's a lot of bad blood between that division, worse than some of the other divisions, and I don't think there's any possible way he'd go to one of those teams.
i was actually really shocked with how he's treated the team. it seems so unlike him.
"Gotdangit Favre!" That was my reaction when I read he wants back in.

What an asshole.
word. and i love the packers. soooooo sad (and annoying at this point)
My reaction exactly. I was glad he had such a good season last year since he'd come out of retirement to play again. It was a good pat on the back for him, and a great place to end it. And he should have let it go! I was happy before to see that he was calling it quits. And now he's back...again... What in the world, man?

I can't help but hear the whiny little boy inside of him refusing to let go. "But Mommy... I wanna play!"

You can't play forever. Let the other little boys play.
I'm just so tired of the whole thing. He should have ended on a high note, and walked away. This whole drama has made me lose respect for him. I am also disgusted by the whole media obsession with this. I was trying to watch my team, the Colts, play the HOF game when it kept being interrupted by Favre's plane landing, him getting into an SUV, etc. Ridiculous!
i agree. i'm not particularly a fan of either team that played in the HOF game but at the same time i did actually want to watch it. and i was hoping for a tiny break from this disaster. guess we weren't so lucky.

on a side note. do you think your QB will really only be out for the first four preseason games with his knee? it seemed like a hell of an injury for only 4 preseason games.
Living outside the US I'm afraid that news didn't spread to me.
So would you be so kind to tell me?
of course :) the basic idea is that favre retired in march on his own accord. then about a month ago decided to come out of retirement out of nowhere. but the pack has already moved along with rodgers as their starter. there have been bribes, arguments, talks of trade, and everything in between.

now favre has been reinstated and we're all waiting to see if he plays for green bay, someone else, or no one at all. it's a mess :)
Oh, well, money's everything, isn't it?
But I think if he retired on his own accord he should know what he's doing. And you would assume that he has thought about it over and over again.
I'm curious what the outcome will be. :)
ah yes as am i.

the biggest problem with the money was he came back because he said he loved to play. so i imagina $25 deal sorta wouldn't hold up against that argument :P

love your icon by the way :)
why did he quit in the first place if he loves to play?
You don't have to answer that one, I'm just wondering. I mean, I wouldn't quit if I loved it. Oh, well, I did, but he's a f*cking professional and I'm a student, so he can't say "No time" as an excuse.

You can take it, if you want. :) I wanna have it as a tee someday, because it will confuse most of the people living here in Germany. ;) ("But that isn't a football." "It is." "No. It isn't." ...)