caninecrazy (caninecrazy) wrote in footballgirls,

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Whether or not I agree with Brett Favre's decision to come back and play after retiring ( I don't) , I am still angry and disappointed in Ted Thompson's decision to treat Brett like an ex-spouse, who's face and family are no longer welcome around here. Brett was one of us- by proxy. He may have been born and raised in the south, but he was a Wisconsinite and beloved Packer for 14 years. I had accepted our fate and planned to move on with A-Rod, but when I heard HE was coming out of retirement, I admit, I became giddy with hopes of another Super Bowl run. Watching and following Brett with the Packers, has always been a great source of joy and pride for not only me, but every Packer fan. Now the bubble has been burst- exploded really. And Ted Thompson has left us all with gum all over our faces. Ted Thompson SUCKS!.
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